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Monday, April 23, 2012

No sleep that night

A few days ago, I decided to have a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  I'm not a big coffee drinker, usually have maybe about 5-10 cups a year.  I was craving French Vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  Walked myself over a block and got what my tastebuds were asking me for.  It was everything I remembered it to be. Hot, deep, rich, sweet.  Oh so delicious.  A couple hours later, I went on my lunch break and decided to be healthy.  I picked up a ripe banana.  I felt full and satisfied, but not weighed down.  Little did I know that coffee and bananas are considered a natural laxative. I was up at 1am and then again at 3:30am running to the bathroom in pain.  I dropped a couple pounds though! No pain, no gain! 

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