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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Risky Business

I like to believe that I am an adventurous woman. With that being said, I'm contemplating entering a friends with benefits arrangement. I know many of you all have done the same before and I know I'll hear the warnings. "Don't do it!""Think about it, you might lose the friendship." "Someone's feelings are going to get hurt." My understanding is that if you decide to pursue that type of arrangement with your friend, then the reality is that your eyes were wide open. Things won't change because you had some false hope that it would turn into more. It is, what you agree on. I completely believe that with the correct state of mind two friends can have the type of relationship that satifies certain physical and emotional needs without one thinking it will become something more serious. The key is to not expect from your friend what you would expect from a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or do I sound delusional? ")